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08 Nov 2013

The reasons behind the outages experienced by many users over the last two weeks have now been pinned down and resolved to some extent. The problem really stems from the limited capacity of the primary BarcodeMill server. I have been aware of this issue for some time but the fact that BarcodeMill is a free service means the cost of extra capacity is difficult to justify. I shall be providing a fallback server at a different location in the next couple of weeks that will share the load from the main server.

In the longer term it is clear that BarcodeMill will have to change. In particular the existing system of open use by all without any form of identification provides technical and security challenges.

The first change will be the requirement for users to register (registration will be free) and the need to tag each barcode request with a key.

Changes will be introduced over the next few weeks and if you are a regular user you should check back here where notification of imminent alterations to the service will be posted.

BarcodeMill has been running virtually unchanged for about 14 years. When it started, the Internet was a different place and sites like BarcodeMill producing dynamic content were virtually unknown. Now such sites are commonplace and BarcodeMill intends to step forward and face the capacity and security challenges of the present and future Internet.

11 April 2012

Barcode Mill issues over the last few days have now been resolved. The problem was caused by engineers 'upgrading' our server without notification and leaving a bad configuration file. Improved auto-fault reporting and other steps are being put in place to ensure this type of outage does not occur again.

12 Dec 2011

Broken image problems over the weekend of 10th/11th December have now been fixed. The problem was due to a bad server upgrade issue.

01 Dec 2011

Barcode Mill reminds all users that deprecated URLs will start to be phased out starting in 2012. This means you will need to change almost all urls you currently use to generate barcodes. Further details can be found in the Technical Index Section of this site.

Click the Technical tab at the top of each page, expand the Configuration folder and select the link: 'URLs to use'.

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