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First stage

Customer Choice & Purchase

The fictitional Event Playhouse web site offers full information about performances. Customers check availability and seat prices by referring to a real-time seat plan. They are able to complete a form to book seats. The system issues a ticket with a unique barcode which be printed at home and verified on the day of the performance.

Customer makes purchase decison, the payment is made, the ticket issued. The sale completed and the ticket in the customer’s hand in just a few minutes.

Try it. Book your seat now to see the system in action. To save time some sample data is already entered.

decorative rule The Event Playhouse - Box Office

Complete this form to book your seat.

Post/Zip Code            
Play you want to see     
Date of performance      
Seat Number              
Credit card number       
Select type of Card      Visa  Mastercard  Amex   
It's just for fun - no details are checked - no payment is collected.

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