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Its Fun

Barcode Mill is fun - but what can it do for me?

Personalised documents can now be issued direct to people visiting your web site. The document carries an identifying barcode which will be reproduced when the document is printed on a regular computer printer.

The document is unique and can be identified by scanning its barcode when presented or returned by the customer. All the information collected earlier from the form on your web site can be associated with this document.

ImagineImagine the possibilities!

Deliver all these and more direct from your web site...

The costWhat does it cost?

The basic Barcode Mill service is absolutely free to all those who want it. Support for free use is limited to the information published on this web site. If you want more flexibility, individual support and the freedom to install the Barcode Mill on your own Internet or Intranet server then Licensing is available now.

what to doWhat do I do next?

To give you a sense of the scope of this new sales and marketing tool we have put together some simple examples of applications for you to try. We have also produced some information for web site designers and programmers who need to get a system up and running. There is a list of frequently asked questions and answers which cover most issues. If you cannot find the answer to your question then you can contact the Barcode Mill here.

ExamplesApplication examples

1. Automobile Insurance
Shows how to issue a unique document over the Internet and to track that instance of the document.
2. Issue a traceable Discount Voucher
How to gather management information or update a database and reward the contributor of the information.
3. Ticket issuing
Shows how to issue tickets on the Web. Ticket delivery is immediate. No waiting for an uncertain postal delivery. The ticket is in the hands of the customer within a few seconds. Tickets are verified when presented.

The toolBarcode generation on your own web server

You should purchase a Licence and run Barcode Mill from your own web server in any of the following circumstances...

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