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Will the Barcode Mill system work with all browsers.
Yes the system is based on in-line images. All browsers we know support them- even the very earliest. We set out to design a system that works with the widest range of browsers without having to have special plug-ins or upgrades.
Will the Barcode Mill system work with all browser supported printers.
Yes - though some early model dot matrix printers may produce a low quality image that is difficult to scan- particularly if the ribbon is old. There are not many of these printers still in use.
Can I lift the barcode off a web page and paste it into other applications.
Yes. The barcode image can be saved just like any other web page image. The procedure is browser dependant but usually done by right clicking over the image. The image should be saved as a. image file.
I understand that licensing fees sometimes have to be paid when using GIF images. Will I have to pay these fees to use the Barcode Mill system.
No. The patents around GIF images expired some years ago.
Do I need to use Java, Javascript, Jscript, VBscript...
No. You may wish to use these or other scripts/languages to enhance your web site. Barcode Mill is compatible with them all but Barcode Mill will work just as well without them.
Is Barcode Mill compatible with Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology, PHP, Java, Javascript, DOM, Miva...
Yes. These and other tools are very important for Web Site development. Barcode Mill is fully compatible now and will keep pace with future enhancements and techniques in the future.
Will I need to do any server side or CGI programming.
To print a simple barcode on your web page it is not necessary. However any web site that provides a useful function will probably need to be able to handle at lease a web form and this will require some programmed functionality. The amount of skill needed to create a working web based application is not increased by the use of the Barcode Mill system. All the necessary technical details are covered in our Technical explanation for web site designers and programmers.
Which barcode type should I use.
There is no simple answer - it depends on your application. Ask yourself these questions
  1. Is there already a barcode standard being used in my industry- if yes use that barcode.
  2. Is this a point of sale application. Use UPC (EAN JAN - or the equivalent in your country). You will probably have to register with the administrators in your country who will issue you with guidance and a unique number sequence.
  3. Do I need to encode alpha characters in the barcode. If yes use Code 128, or Code 39.
  4. Interleaved 2 from 5 is a compact (numeric only) code. It can result in a few scan errors if not used with a check digit or a fixed field length.
  5. All other considerations equal I would recommend the use of Code 128.
The most popular codes for general use are Code 128 Code 39, Interleaved 2/5. To identify goods at the point of sale (Checkout) an international system is used to ensure there is no duplication of numbers worldwide. This is called UPC, EAN or JAN in the USA, Europe and Japan respectively. Choose another code only if you have a very good reason. Details of barcode specifications can be found at...
Which font should be installed on my computer
Barcode Mill does not need any particular font to be installed either on your server or the client machine. The whole barcode consisting of the bars, the human readable text and the white margin regions are all generated internally to Barcode Mill as a single image. Barcode Mill is entirely self contained. It does not rely on any files on a users computer.
Can I change the orientation of the barcode from horizontal to vertical.
Not at the moment. It is an enhancement being considered for the future.
Do you provide technical support
All support is provided on this web site in the Technical Support pages.
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