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Barcode Mill Subscriptions

To use Barcode Mill regularly you will need to subscribe.

A subscription provides these benefits.

Subscription Examples

Example 1

A large sales based company hosting many web pages needs a source of barcodes to appear on sales processing pages which it produces on its in-house intranet. This needs a capacity of hundreds of barcodes each day. The throughput is subject to unpredictable peaks. A subscription to Barcode Mill Pro running on its own high level server with guaranteed bandwidth. Choice of server location in UK, US or Europe guide price 240 per month.

Example 2

A small enterprise with around 50-100 employees needs to barcode internal web documents relating to staff and sales activity. Need a reliable source of barcodes but has no specialist knowledge of barcode technology. They just need it to work reliably on demand. Throughput is fairly constant throughout the working day. May need occasional telephone support. Solution: A Barcode Mill Slice Account provides individual web access to their own copy of Barcode Mill Pro hosted on a maintained and 24/7 monitored server. Cost 35.00 per month.

Contact us

Contact the sales office to get started. Give some idea of your capacity needs and timescale , dont forget to include a telephone number if you would like to discuss.

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