Barcode Mill Quick Start

To create your first barcode just cut and paste the following line into your browser...
...If you want to keep the barcode image file - right click over it and save.

Its just as easy to create a barcode on a web page. Just place a normal HTML image tag into your page source and point the tag to the same URL.

For example paste the following into a web page on your site and load the page. You will see a barcode appear.

<img src=''>

If you scanned the barcode you would find it decodes: 123456

The content, size and appearance of the barcode is controlled by the query string. (The query string is the part following the question mark). To change the barcode simply change the query string.

The Web page can be hosted on a public Internet server or on your own local intranet web server. It works exactly the same way on both.

For information about the query string refer to the 'Query String Overview' under the Configuration tab in the left column.

For full details of all the control functions available refer to the Commands & Controls tabs in the left column.


Barcode Mill Free is not intended to be a commercial service. It is provided as a service to those who wish to evaluate Barcode Mill and those who may need the occasional barcode for testing purposes. We monitor usage and log IP numbers and other details. The service will be cut without notice to those we consider are using the free service excessively and potentially reducing the bandwidth to other users. You are not entitled to host general public webpages containing Barcode Mill Free barcodes.

Because your barcodes are being created by running a software program on our public Barcode Mill Server there can sometimes be a delay before the barcode appears. At times of high demand Barcode Mill has to be throttled back to conserve bandwidth. During these times we sometimes provide an alternative 'place keeper' image instead of a barcode.

Barcode Mill limits usage to what we consider to be a reasonable number of barcodes for a non commercial user each day. Users exceeding this limit or those using automated scripting will be blacklisted. You are not permitted to attempt to access Barcode Mill Barcode images except by means of the URLs published on this web site.